Good Clinical Practices & Ethics

  • NIAID GCP Learning Center- The NIAID GCP Learning Center is a computer-based classroom where courses on the subject of good clinical practices (GCP) are offered free of charge to NIAID staff, contractors and grantees. These courses cover the scientific and ethical standards of human subjects research including NIH, FDA, HHS, and international clinical trial policies, guidelines, and regulations. GCP training requirements of the NIAID clinical terms of award for grants and cooperative agreements can be fulfilled through completing these courses.
  • International Conference on Harmonisation – This is the official ICH website. Links to ICH guidelines, including ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • FHI 360 Research Ethics Curriculum – Developed by FHI 360 for international researchers who conduct research that includes human participants and who want to incorporate fundamental ethical considerations in the design and implementation of their research.
  • Declarations of Helsinki